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About Get dress Shoes

About Get dress Shoes

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Material of Get dress Shoes

Get dress Shoes usually use textile materials, mesh cloth, leather, artificial leather, synthetic materials, PVC, PU, ​​nubuck, microfiber, natural leather, etc. on the upper.

Cerbe Sneakers in the outsole materials, including rubber, PU, ​​PVC, EVA, TPR, SBS and other thermoplastic elastomers, polymer composite materials, functional materials.

Get dress Shoes accessories, including metal parts, plastic parts, etc., are used in leather dress shoes, cloth dress shoes, etc.

crossover-strap leather sandals Schwarz Get dress Shoes are: complex lines and diverse forms. There are single lines, double lines, false lines, open lines, dashed lines, contour lines, ridge lines, seam lines, decorative lines, etc., which can be used on a pair of dress shoes at the same time, Slide of one kind. Most of them are arcs, and the proportion of straight lines is less. Some professional sneakers have the structure of inner and outer dress shoes. For example, ski dress shoes. The inner dress shoes are soft and comfortable, mainly for warmth and ventilation; while the outer dress shoes are required to be hard, wide, shock-absorbing, waterproof, cold-proof and stable, etc. Protective effects.

The design of Get dress Shoes's upper parts is more casual want leather dress shoes, rubber dress shoes, etc. In addition to upper parts, inner lining, inner toe cap, main heel, eye pieces, etc., the upper parts also have rolling mouths, reinforcing parts, back pack heels, and eyebrow pieces. Parts that are not available in other footwear.

Cerbe Sneakers are mostly ear-style (lace), and the tongues are varied; shoelaces and tongues have important meanings and special protective effects in sports dress shoes. The pursuit of diversified tongue and shoelace designs is also other dress shoes. It is incomparable; the tightness of the tongue tie is used to adjust the degree to which the upper surface fits the foot to meet the needs of foot expansion during exercise.

Another feature of the Get dress Shoes structure is that there are look parts on the top and bottom to achieve the rich and changeable visual effect of the top shape and meet the requirements of sports viewing; at the same time, through the partition of the top and the combination of multiple components to meet different visual effects , To meet the requirements of sports viewing; at the same time, through the segmentation of the upper surface, multiple components are combined to meet the requirements of different sports functions. And can effectively save and use materials.

Sandals GEOX B Elwant B Get dress Shoes also have some special structures, which are more complicated want leather dress shoes and cloth dress shoes. All in all, the functional requirements of sports dress shoes determine the structure and shape, and the shape and structure exist to meet the functional requirements.

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