Neuroectodernal tumor

« I was diagnosed with Primitive Neuroectodermal tumor in 1985 at the age of 13. It started in the nasal passage. Surgery was done and within a few months it grew back, had filled the right sinuses and was pushing to get into the brain. Again surgery was done, then radiation and about 2 yrs of chemo. Finished chemo August 1987. My mother passed away October 1987 with colon cancer. Then, in 1991 it came back and in the right kidney. That kidney was removed. Then in 1993, it came back in the left lower lobe lung.

Surgery and then a year of chemo. This was worse than the first time I did it. Within a few months of finishing chemo it was back in the right lower lobe. Surgery was done - 6 days before my nursing graduation. I was told that they could take out my bone marrow, do full body radiation, and a one time dose of melphalan which is a mustard gas. This would give 30% remission. No "cure". I would have a 10% chance of dying from the procedure, have a chance of coming out with aplastic anemia and would be in the hospital for 2-3 months (part of that in total isolation). I had the Doctors provide me studies of their proposed treatment. Everyone died according to the studies. I found out about 714X from my step-mom's brother. I started the treatment and 3 months after my last surgery, I got married, bought a house and passed my nursing state boards. I felt GOOD!!!

I am going to be 14 yrs cancer free December 8th2008. I have received my second degree black belt in karate and am currently a nurse for hospice. I tell my patients about the 714X although none have opted to do it. I think most of these people have been put in such a state of depression because of the "terminal" news and because of some of the harsh treatments they have just finished. I truly believe that God has designed our bodies to heal themselves, they just need the right things in them, that's all. Anyway I want to thank you again for what you guys are doing! »

September 2008