Breast cancer

« I was under the treatment of an oncologist after I was told I had breast cancer in 1999.  I had chemo followed by a mastectomy and then radiation.  I continued seeing the doctor and having checkups.  After two years, I wasn’t feeling good and insisted on a mammogram on my existing breast.  After the results were returned, they noticed some lumps on my lungs and decided to do a cat scan.  That showed the cancer was also in my liver.

A friend of a friend told me that she had used 714X and that I should try it.  “Never” I said… my oncologist tells me what I should do.  Well, after thinking it over and seeing that my cancer was quickly spreading with the traditional treatment, I said I would try it.  The nurse at the oncology center told me about a woman that was giving her father the injections.  I called her and she showed me how to inject myself.

From that day forward I have been using 714X.  My CEA level (the tumor marker) was 8, 6 in February 2003.  After being on 714X it is now 1!!!  Anything below 3 is normal!  I have had two cat scans, one in September 2003 and one in December 2003.  They have both come back as being stable with some shrinkage.  My oncologist cannot believe it.  Would I choose to give myself a shot each morning to remain healthy as opposed to doing chemo and becoming violently sick?  Absolutely… any time!

I was once sceptical and now am a true believer.  My whole attitude is more positive because I can now see the results of 714X and that makes me fight harder.  I wish I could have everyone with cancer aware of this product.  I’m sure there would be a lot fewer deaths.

I cannot say enough about 714X and lonely hope that eventually everyone will be using it to fight this dreaded disease. »
Karen Christo, MA (USA)